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4 Historical Places to Visit in Bohol

Bohol is a place filled with rich history and culture for history buffs such as yourself. There are many attractions to see in person that would pique your interest in this quaint island! If you do not know where to start, check out this Bohol travel guide.

Learn about Baclayon Church.

Founded in the municipality of Baclayon is the aptly named Baclayon Church. La Purisima Concepcion de la Virgen Maria Parish Church, as it is formally called, is the oldest church and Christian settlement in Bohol. It was founded by Juan de Torres, a Jesuit priest, and Gabriel Sánchez back in 1596. This Roman Catholic Church has also been declared a national cultural treasure and a national historical landmark, so make sure to visit this gem!

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Visit the Blood Compact Monument.

A life-sized sculpture created by national artist and a Boholano native, Napoleon Abueva, was made to commemorate the first treaty of friendship between Filipinos and Spaniards in March 16, 1565. The artwork showcases a group of 5 individuals, including Miguel Lopez de Legaspi and Rajah Sikatuna, gathered at one table and having a toast to their treaty. In a way, this piece can be a symbol of unity between the foreigners and the locals. It is a monument and story worth learning about.

Cruise through the Loboc River.

What is considered today as the cleanest river in the Philippines, the Loboc river has played a significant role to the locals as it was used as leeway for the town of Loboc to establish a trade market between sea produce and agricultural goods. In the present day, you can cruise around the river on a floating restaurant, listen to local bands playing, and enjoy a first-class dining experience while surrounded by Loboc’s lush greenery.

Meet the Philippine Tarsiers.

Come visit the smallest primate known to man found only in a few areas such as Bohol, the Philippine Tarsiers. The endangered species are safely being cared for in the conservation area. Add the tarsier sanctuaries to your list and spend quality time with them. Just make sure to follow the rules so as to keep these adorable creatures safe.

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