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6 of the Best Benefits of Traveling

If you’ve been waiting for a signal to plan your travels next year, consider this as your cue to take a holiday and return to your favorite beachfront hotel in Bohol—Astoria Bohol. Traveling plays an essential part in everyone’s life. It helps you have a wider perspective about the world and opens your eyes to different ways of living. These experiences greatly contribute to making you who you are today. Here are the best benefits of traveling and why you should do it more often.

Traveling gives you a clear glimpse of others’ cultures. 

Whether a famous destination or a lesser-known spot, exploring a new place allows you to develop a deeper understanding of how life works in cultures and societies that are completely different to the one you grew up in. That is why it is best to travel as often as you can, be it locally or internationally. It is an excellent outlet to appreciate the variations in all walks of life around the world. 

Traveling allows you to experience unique gastronomic adventures

If you are fearless when it comes to exploring different ranges of food selections, then trying out our Pamana’s long list of delectable dishes and beverages should definitely be on your bucket list. To complete your vacation in the top resort in Baclayon, Bohol, we made sure to prepare delicious cuisine that will remain in your core food memories for days on end. So, complete your getaway with a memorable gastronomic adventure! 

Traveling allows you to create memories that are worth reminiscing.

Each travel experience leaves you with memories that no one can ever take away. So, next time you go on a vacation, keep your eyes peeled, because every trip has a story, and every person has something meaningful to share. Keep a traveling journal and bring a camera or GoPro with you to capture all of the moments and precious memories of your trip. 

Traveling can greatly inspire you. 

Photo by Marlon Mo

As you travel to different places, you encounter wonders of nature and beauty of creations that are unique from one destination to another. Take Baclayon, Bohol, for instance. This famous travel destination is known all over the world for its gorgeous beaches and historical places. Trying the best of what this island has to offer can be a great source of inspiration. Write down 5 things about your trip every day that you are grateful for, to promote a sense of profound well-being. 

Traveling improves your mental health.

Photo by Aileen Nar Mission Bayani

Traveling plays an essential role in reducing stress and anxiety. It can take you out of your usual routine, surroundings, and experiences, giving your mind the tranquility and break it needs. Plan a routine on the beach that can help you get the fresh air and sunshine you need. Feel free to exercise your body, as well, to shake off the stresses of work in the city. 

Traveling allows you to discover yourself. 

Photo by xyochabel. 

As you explore unfamiliar places and destinations, you slowly learn to embrace the feeling of uncertainty. It is during this time that you can unravel what your true purpose is and where your next direction should be. It can even be the path to self-discovery you have been searching for. Work on a mood board and vision board while on vacation to help you carve out the future you want! 

Traveling can sometimes be scary, but it does not have to be when you choose to call our hotel in Baclayon, Bohol your second home. With our immaculate resort, you can expect to have an astounding beach escape that you can savor and cherish for a lifetime. Exciting, isn’t it? 

There are many vacation woes to watch out for, such as timeshare scams, and the world may seem too big and intimidating, especially if you are a first-time traveler. But fret not, because as an Astoria Vacation and Leisure Club, Inc. (AVLCI) member, you are free to roam without any worries. Rest assured that the biggest vacation club in Philippines can make each of your holidays one for the books. 

Ready to experience what our award-winning property has to offer as an AVLCI member or guest? Make sure to book via or reach out to our Reservations Team via email at Email: or mobile at (+63) 917-889-8275 and (+63) 928-552-3543.  

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