Food & Beverages Facilities

Dinner Under The Stars

At present, our accommodation in Bohol has a dining pavilion serving international and exquisite Filipino cuisine. The menu has been carefully selected by Astoria’s seasoned master chefs ingeniously adding a touch of Bol-anon flavor to select cuisines. The open-air restaurant affords its guest with an unobstructed view of Baclayon’s shoreline, Pamilacan and Panglao Islands making the dining experience a truly memorable one. A special feature of the pavilion is the “Pugon” (wood-fired brick oven)to make cooking more traditional and more flavorful. And also for roasting, making pizzas, bread and many more delicious dishes. There is also a grill for diners who prefer healthier cooking preparations.

Dinner Under the Stars

Having a sumptuous candlelight dinner by the beach with a glittering star-studded sky as your canopy is indeed dreamy and romantic. Astoria Bohol makes this special dinner possible for its guests wanting a special touch to their Bohol sojourn. Prior reservations required.